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BACKGROUND: Mobile app education is one of the new educational models. Hence, the purpose
of this study was to determine the effectiveness of mobile app intervention on knowledge, attitude,
and practice of youth for a healthy marriage.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: This quasi‑experimental study was conducted in 2019 on 88 young
people who were selected by simple random sampling in premarital counseling center of Falavarjan
city (Isfahan). Then, participants were randomly allocated to an intervention and a control group.
Mobile application intervention was installed on the intervention group’s mobiles. Data were collected
by questionnaire in two times. Data were analyzed using paired t‑test and independent t‑test.
RESULTS: The mean (Standard deviation) of couples’ age was 21.11 (5.06) years. The results
showed that after the installation of educational consulting app in the intervention group, the mean
score of knowledge (P = 0.001), attitude (P = 0.001), and practice (P = 0.001) after intervention were
significantly higher than before the intervention.
CONCLUSION: Mobile‑based educational and counseling app increases couples’ knowledge,
attitude, and practice in premarital education. Therefore, it is recommended that this type of
education (mobile app) be used to promote premarriage education classes.


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