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Department of Urology, University College London Hospital, NHS Foundation System, London, UK


BACKGROUND: The COVID‑19 pandemic with its plenitude of hardships has been a challenge for
residents in training. Besides the fear of contracting the disease, the complete reconfiguration of
hospital services has severely affected the surgical residency programs across India. The current
study highlights the lacunae that have arisen in the residency programs and design appropriate
solutions to reframe the remaining part of the surgical training.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The present study is an observational study based on a questionnaire
survey done in November 2020 aimed at gauging the mood and perspective of residents across
India pursuing surgical residency programs on how the pandemic has impacted various domains of
their residency namely surgical training, clinical skills, research, academic curriculum, and mental
health. The analysis was performed using an Internet‑based program.
RESULTS: Seventy‑eight percent of residents felt that they have lost crucial months of surgical training.
Impact on clinical skills was reported by 73.9% of residents. Almost half of the residents (49.1%)
believed that there has been a definite increase in research activities and 81.7% believed that the
academic curriculum was affected during the past 6 months. Furthermore, 86% of respondents
admitted to have had a profound impact on their mental health as a result of the pandemic.
CONCLUSION: Formulating reform policies in the current residency programs is paramount to train
the current and future generation of surgeons. Whereas personal safety and wellness of the residents
is paramount during these times, residency training via digital medical education and various other
innovative ways needs to continue.


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