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BACKGROUND: Considering the low level of physical activity in pregnant women in the COVID‑19
pandemic period, and on the other hand, the benefits of mobile application (mobile app) learning,
we decided to conduct a study to determine the impact of educational intervention based on mobile
app on physical activity in pregnant women.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The present study was quasi‑experimental and examined 93 pregnant
women aged 16–20 weeks of gestation. Sampling was done on pregnant women participating in
the childbirth preparation classes in Isfahan. We used the validated and reliable questionnaire
including perceived benefits, perceived barriers, perceived enjoyment, perceived social support,
and Pregnancy Physical Activity Questionnaire. The intervention was based on mobile app, and the
content of the application contained 12 main domains such as description of physical activity and
benefits and barriers of exercise in the pregnancy, different types of proper pregnancy exercise,
planning for exercise, and different types of exercise. Finally, data were analyzed using SPSS20,
and the Chi‑square test, independent t‑test Paired t‑test were employed. The significance level was
considered to be <0.05.
RESULTS: The results showed that, after the intervention based on mobile app, the mean score
of perceived benefits and enjoyment were significantly higher than before the intervention in
the intervention group. Finally, total mean score of physical activity significantly increased in the
intervention group, while the change decreased in the control group.
CONCLUSION: The results indicated that the use of mobile app can be used to promote physical
activity in pregnant women. Therefore, it is recommended that mobile app education should apply
with face‑to‑face classes in health centers for physical activity in pregnant women in the pandemic


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