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Social Determinants of Health Research Center, Health Research Institute, Babol University of Medical Sciences, Babol, Iran


BACKGROUND: Infertility is one of the main concerns in women’s lives that may lead to psychological
imbalance and disrupt their sexual relationship. The study was conducted with the aim of evaluating
role of mental health in prediction of sexual function in infertile women.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: This analytic‑descriptive study was conducted in 2015–2016 in
424 infertile women referring to Fatemeh Zahraa Infertility and Reproductive Health Center, Babol,
Iran. The participants filled out the Female Sexual Function Index (α = 0.72–0.90), General Health
Questionnaire (GHQ‑28, α = 0.86), and demographics questionnaires. Linear regression used to
analyze the data.
RESULTS: The mean of total GHQ was 23.57 ± 12.06. The highest mean of GHQ subscales was
social dysfunction (8.68 ± 3.69). There was a negative association between GHQ with the overall
sexual function of infertile women (r = −0.397, P < 0.0001). The higher mental health disorder was
associated with lower sexual function. Furthermore, there was an inverse significant association
between all the subscales of mental health and sexual function. Based on the multiple linear regression
analysis, the variables of anxiety and sleep disorder (β = −0.143, P < 0.035), social dysfunction
(β= −0.139, P < 0.003), depression symptoms (β = −0.121, P < 0.046), sexual intercourse frequency
(β = 0.272, P < 0.0001), and educational level (β = −0.110, P < 0.016) were the significant predictors
of perceived sexual dysfunction after adjusting for other variables. The strongest predictor of the
GHQ subscale was anxiety and sleep disorder.
CONCLUSIONS: Undesirable conditions of mental health and its adverse effects on sexual function
and also other predictors emphasize the need to develop more effective screening and supportive
strategies with the help of the psychologists.


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