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BACKGROUND: Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID‑19) is a highly infectious disease primarily
spreading through droplet infection which require significant restriction and modification in dental
treatment. This study aims to assess the knowledge and attitude of adult population toward COVID‑19
and dental treatment and to assess the availability of dental treatment and patient satisfaction during
the time of pandemic.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: An online survey was conducted using self‑designed electronic
questionnaire consisting knowledge and attitude about COVID‑19 and dental scenario and questions
regarding availability of dental treatment received during the time of pandemic. Knowledge scores
were assessed on a maximum total score ranged from 0 to 8, and descriptive statistics were done
for questions related to attitudes and dental treatment availability.
RESULTS: A total of 495 participants with mean age of 36.6 years participated in the study. The
mean knowledge score was 7.12 ± 0.99 and the participants were found to have good awareness
and positive attitude regarding COVID‑19 were as considerable number of participants were unaware
about the risk associated with dental treatment as well as restrictions imposed on dental procedures.
About 18% of participants experienced one or other form of dental complaints during the lockdown
period. 4% of participants had no accessibility to any form of treatment.
CONCLUSIONS: Public awareness is to be improved regarding risk of cross infection that can
be associated with dental treatment and public should be motivated to use virtual facilities like
tele‑dentistry so that no dental emergencies is left untreated, at the same time avoiding any sort of
unnecessary hospital visit during the pandemic time.


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