Health Information Technology Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran


Background: Information‑seeking anxiety is a feeling caused by abundance of information or
failure to proper interpret the information that can adversely affect the ability of individuals for
seeking information and meeting their information needs. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate
information‑seeking anxiety, factors causing it, and methods for addressing and reducing
this type of anxiety. The purpose of this study was to evaluate information‑seeking anxiety in
postgraduate students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Materials and Methods: This
study has been conducted using survey method. A total of 265 postgraduate students of Isfahan
University of Medical Sciences were selected with the help of stratified random sampling. Data
collection tool was a questionnaire designed for this purpose. The gathered data was analyzed
using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: The results indicated that the topic selection
factor played a more prominent role in creating information seeking anxiety compared to other
factors. Apart from students of school of medicine, information seeking anxiety was below
average among the students. In addition, there was a significant difference between information
seeking anxiety in students from different departments. Finally, female students had higher
information seeking anxiety compared to male students. Conclusion: Although information
seeking anxiety among students was lower than average in most cases, further reduction of
anxiety could be achieved by facilitating access to information resources and library information
services and increasing the quality of students’ information literacy through training courses
tailored to each discipline are necessary.


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