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BACKGROUND: COVID‑19 has led to significant morbidity and mortality globally in addition to 
unprecedented disruption in economic activities. Vaccination against it is considered to be the only 
sustainable way out of this pandemic. The study was conducted to estimate vaccine acceptance 
among doctors in India using an online survey.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross‑sectional study using a purposive sampling method was 
conducted two weeks before vaccine rollout. A pretested questionnaire developed using Google 
forms was shared by social media groups targeting doctors only.The questions collected information 
regarding socio‑demographic details, knowledge, attitude and practices towards COVID‑19 
vaccination. Data was downloaded and analysed using SPSS‑v23. Chi‑square test and fisher exact 
test was used and P < 0.05 was considered significant.
RESULTS: A total of 511 records were included in the final analysis of which 340 (66.53%) reported 
to be either definitely or probably willing to accept COVID‑19 vaccine. One third of respondents were 
working in COVID‑19 designated hospitals (37.2%), 30% were posted in non COVID‑19 hospitals, 
25.1% had no direct contact with COVID‑19 patients while 7.7% doctors were involved in testing 
COVID‑19 diagnosis. Subjects who perceived a higher risk of contracting COVID‑19, those who 
perceived that vaccine would be effective against COVID‑19 and those who felt that vaccine will not 
have any serious side effects were more likely to accept the vaccine.
CONCLUSION: There is an urgent need to address any apprehensions regarding COVID‑19 vaccines. 
A tailored and intensified advocacy program for doctors is needed before the launch of vaccine.


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