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BACKGROUND: One of the crises facing human beings is coronavirus disease. This disease
was identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. With the death of two patients with respiratory
complications in Qom Hospital on February 20, 1998, and the confirmation of their positive test, the
arrival of COVID‑19 disease in Iran was officially confirmed and Khorshid Medical Center as the main
reception the Medical Center for patients with COVID‑19 from August 3, 2010. The purpose of this
study is to document the experiences of Khorshid Training Center in coronavirus crisis management
to improve crisis management knowledge.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: This research was conducted qualitatively with grounded theory
method in the period from March 1998 to the end of May 1999. The study population was Khorshid
Educational and Medical Center. Sampling was done purposefully among medical staff, support, and
hospital officials. The number of samples with the mentioned conditions reached 44 people. Data
were collected using a semi‑structured questionnaire and analyzed in the style of grounded theory
in the style of Strauss and Corbin.
RESULTS: Data collected after sorting, analysis, conceptual analysis; they were coded and
categorized into four groups of challenges, weaknesses, strengths, and actions based on the specific
objectives of the research in 5 natures, reorganization, accident control system, medical equipment
and supplies, human resources, and clinical approaches.
CONCLUSION: According to the points classified in the challenges and weaknesses, it was found
that the hospital has faced several problems in corona crisis management. The management team,
taking advantage of strengths in various areas, has taken effective measures to improve corona crisis
management. It has led to the provision of appropriate services to the patients of the Medical Center.


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