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Health education is a crucial consideration in the healthcare system and has the potential to improve
global health. Recently, researchers have expressed interest in streamlining health education, utilizing
digital tools and flexible curriculums to make it more accessible, and expanding beyond disease and
substance abuse prevention. They have also expressed interest in promoting global health through
health and safety promotion programs. Amidst the COVID‑19 pandemic, climate change, the refugee
crisis, and overpopulation, healthcare crises are erupting all over the world. A lack of health education
has and will continue to have a profound impact on community healthcare indicators, particularly in
low‑income nations. Current priorities within the health education sector include digitization, equity,
and infectious disease prevention. Studies and data from university journals and other academic
databases were analyzed in a literature review. Health education programs have a significant positive
impact on attitudes and behaviors regarding global health. Improving upon these programs by digitizing
them and expanding upon the scope of health education will help ensure that such interventions and
programs make a significant difference.


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