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1 Departments of Radiodiagnosis, Paediatrics

2 Departments of Radiodiagnosis, Pathlogy, SGRRIM and HS, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India


BACKGROUND: The corona virus disease (COVID‑19) pandemic has caused widespread effect on
the lives of health care professionals. The postgraduate medical students, who are the major pillars
of medical institutions had to bear multitude of setbacks due to the pandemic involving academic,
research and well‑being issues.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: This was a cross sectional feedback based online survey done in the
month of October 2021 to study the effect of COVID‑19 pandemic induced changes in the postgraduate
medical education; amongst 78 students pursuing MD/MS degree in all departments of a tertiary medical
institute in Himalayan foothills of North India. The questionnaire consisted of ten questions; each of which
needed to be answered on a five point Likert scale ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Results
were assessed for the most common answers of each question (represented by mode) and association
between various components of the questionnaire analyzed by Spearman’s rho correlation coefficient.
RESULTS: The internal consistency of the questionnaire as tested by Cronbach’s Alpha (0.82) was
good. Most number or respondents were from surgical branches (n = 31, 39.74%). There was a
generalized agreement towards preference of resumption of onsite education (75.64%), the lack of
variety of cases causing hampering of thesis work (88.46%) and increased mental stress during the
pandemic (58.9%). While more time for self‑study was seen as the only consensual positive aspect
of online teaching (64%), most students opined that technical glitches are a major roadblock in
online education (80.76%). Significant positive correlation was seen between disciplinary ease and
punctuality in online teaching (R = 0.543, P < 0.001), lack of interaction and its effect on learning and
mental health (R = 0.471; P < 0.001) and the lack of diversity in cases and difficulties in dissertation
work (R = 0.351; P < 0.05). Negative correlation was observed between the satisfaction from overall
learning through online teaching and the desire of resumption of offline classes (R = −0.491; P < 0.001).
CONCLUSION: COVID‑19 pandemic and its effects on medical education are long lasting.
A comprehensive approach is required to rebuild the medical education curriculum, inculcating both
traditional and newer virtual methods of education. A consistent support in academics and overall
growth needs to be provided to medical postgraduate residents who have been the first line fighters
in face of the massive disaster compromising their basic needs and education.


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