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BACKGROUND: Aerobic exercise is helpful in reducing elevated blood pressure (BP). It was also
found that yoga is useful in reducing raised BP. Thus, they both can be used in prevention and
treatment of hypertension. Hence, the study aimed to observe both awareness and practice of aerobic
exercise and yoga among hypertensive patients in Anand city.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross‑sectional descriptive study was conducted. A questionnaire
was prepared containing 24 questions about awareness and practice of aerobic exercise and yoga
among hypertensive patients. The questions were explained to all the patients, and 200 patients
were recruited from Anand city through convenience sampling.
RESULTS: Two‑hundred patients were included in this study, of which 100% were aware of
hypertension. 67.68% were aware of the role of aerobic exercise in hypertension, of which 58.29%
practiced them. The awareness of the role of yoga in hypertension was noted in 33.67% of patients,
of which only 13.07% practiced pranayama and 9.50% practiced asanas.
CONCLUSION: There was a complete awareness of hypertension among hypertensive patients.
A large number of patients were aware of the role of aerobic exercise in hypertension, but only few of
the patients practiced them. However, there was less awareness of the role of yoga in hypertension
and even lesser number practiced them.


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