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BACKGROUND: Human survival requires the ability to communicate. Today’s students’ use of
social media has opened up a slew of new possibilities; nevertheless, it is hard to say how many
more may emerge in the future. As the years have gone by, the use of social networking sites has
grown in popularity among teenagers. This research investigates both the ways in which social
media draws in users and the ways in which it hooks users by revealing the gimmicky worlds that
they inhabit. Depending more on social media than on oneself causes a tremendous problem. It is
quite challenging to separate human beings from their many electronic devices in today’s world. The
use of devices gradually began to take over the world.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Qualitative research approaches were used in this research. The
qualitative study’s findings were gathered from a variety of secondary sources, including media
articles, academic journal articles, and past theses. Throughout the course of this study, a discourse
analysis method was employed, and several case studies were gathered from news articles and
RESULTS: According to the results of the research, addiction to the Internet has been defined as
a decrease in an individual’s ability to exercise self‑control within the context of the social‑cognitive
framework. The research is based on true events that occurred in and around India. This research
article focuses on the various positive and negative effects that social media may have on education
and students. It is critical to figure out how to tackle this issue.
CONCLUSION: One effective strategy is to restrict their access to social media. The bulk of the
disadvantages may be mitigated by reducing the amount of time spent on social media sites. Keeping
track of their academic progress and dealing with any problems early on can help them avoid the
negative effects of social media on their education.


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