Document Type : Original Article


Virtual School of Medical Education and Management, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical sciences, Tehran, Iran


CONTEXT: Clinical supervision is a mechanism that allows medical trainees to learn their profession
through the practice of clinical activities alongside more experienced physicians who ensure safe
and timely care delivery. Therefore, recognizing of medical students experiences as people who
will provide health services to people in future can be an important source for gathering information
and planning to improve the quality of clinical education. The aim of this study was to explain the
experiences of medical students from clinical educational supervision.
METHODS: This study was a qualitative content analysis conducted on 15 interns of the surgery
and internal departments of medical and educational centers in Islamic Azad University Najafabad
Branchin Isfahan, Iran to discover. The sampling method was purposive, and data were collected
through semi‑structured interviews in 2019. Data analysis was performed using a qualitative content
analysis method with a conventional inductive approach.
RESULTS: Five main categories and ninesubcategories were developed. The main categories include
fundamental role, relaxed alertness, shadow education, toxic education, and abandoned educational.
CONCLUSION: The educational clinical supervisory has an efficient performance in clinical teaching
which needs to be more assessed and improved.


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