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BACKGROUND: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a procedure performed in an emergency
when the heart stops. Early initiation of CPR can save many lives. Thus, the aim of the present
study was to assess the level of awareness toward CPR in a community‑based study in
Northern Saudi Arabia.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a cross‑sectional survey conducted in the city of Hail,
Northern Saudi Arabia. Data about CPR were obtained from 442 Saudi volunteers living in the city of Hail.
RESULTS: A family history of ischemic heart disease was indicated in 148/442 (33.5%) of the
participants. On asking the participants whether they have previous information about CPR, about
258/442 (58.4%) persons indicated “Yes,” 118/442 (26.6%) replied “May be,” and the remaining
66/442 (15%) replied “No.”
CONCLUSION: The study showed a high level of awareness about CPR, which might be attributed to
the majority of highly educated participants. Effective and sustainable public CPR training programs
are needed to be implemented to preserve better knowledge and awareness of CPR in the general


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