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BACKGROUND: Dengue is the most common life‑threatening arboviral infection contributing to
92 million infections worldwide. India alone contributes for 34% of the global burden. Success of
dengue control depends largely on adequate knowledge and good practices of preventive measures.
However, there is a need to find the existing awareness among the general population, especially
in rural areas. Thus, our present study was done to determine the awareness, attitude, and practice
measures regarding dengue fever in rural Tamil Nadu.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: A community‑based cross‑sectional survey was done among 303
individuals belonging to the selected village in rural Tamil Nadu during November 2016. Information
regarding sociodemographic details and awareness, attitude, and practice toward dengue were
collected using a semi‑structured questionnaire. Adequacy of knowledge and attitude was summarized
as proportion with 95% confidence interval.
RESULTS: Among 303 participants, 204 (67.3%) were above 30 years of age; 196 (64.6%) were
females; 255 (84.1%) were ever married; 149 (49.1%) were employed and most of them 93 (30.6%)
were educated up to secondary level; 103 (33.9%) belonged to the Class 4 socioeconomic status.
About 33.3% (95% confidence interval [CI]: 28.2–38.8) of the study participants had adequate
knowledge and 56.1% (95% CI: 50.5–61.6) had positive attitude toward dengue prevention. About
57.7% (95% CI: 52.1–63.2) were practicing preventive measures.
CONCLUSION: The current study found that only one‑third of the participants had adequate
knowledge regarding dengue but more than half of them had positive attitude toward dengue
prevention and practicing mosquito control measures. Hence, large‑scale information, education,
and communication campaigns need to done at frequent intervals for rural population.


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