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Periodontics, Vishnu Dental College and Hospital, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India


AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The aim and objective of this study was to sort out the reasons for use
and nonuse of dental services among people visiting a private dental hospital in urban India.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: A descriptive cross‑sectional study was carried out on 1800 people,
aged 18–65 years, visiting a multispecialty dental hospital in urban India. A self‑administered
questionnaire was used to collect data about the history of dental visits and reasons for use and
nonuse of dental services.
RESULTS: For a majority of the people (45%), time since the last dental visit was more than 2 years,
and the main reason for visiting a dentist was dental pain (38%). Majority of the people had received
restoration of teeth in their previous dental visit (46%). The major reason cited for not visiting a dentist
was lack of knowledge toward dental problems and their consequences (30%). Only few people
visited dentists for preventive reasons. More patients with better educational levels visited dentists
than patients with poor educational status.
CONCLUSION: Majority of the people visited dentists when their problem was severe enough to
have a dental appointment. Dental practitioners across locations should also educate the patients
regarding the importance of regular dental care, discuss barriers for dental care, and promote
attitudinal changes toward a positive health‑seeking behavior.


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