Document Type : Original Article


Islamic Azad University-Unite of Dehaghan, Isfahan, Iran


Introduction: Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that have been considered by policy makers.
Diabetes causes premature mortality, disability and sometimes irreversible problems. Although it
is under consideration of doctors, there is no study about the role of the socioeconomic status of
the patient in control of diabetes in our society. The main purpose of this research is to explore
relationship between socioeconomic status and control of diabetes. Materials and Methods:
320 diabetic patients were randomly chosen from specialized clinic of Dr. Gharazy hospital. The
element was questionnaire which its reliability was calculated according to coefficients Cronbach’s
alpha (r = .078). The patients’ two previous sessions’ blood sugar level and also their HbA1C
were studied via referring to their medical records. Then the patients were categorized into
successful and unsuccessful groups in controlling the diabetes. Their socioeconomic status was
analyzed through SPSS software. Results: The findings show that there is a direct relationship
between socioeconomic status and control of diabetes. The better socioeconomic status is the
better diabetes has been controlled. Conclusion: In order to control diabetes, taking drugs and
patients’ socioeconomic status should be take into consider and social screening is essential.


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