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Background: Due to the importance of health care organizations with significant
responsibility for prevention and care, assessment of job satisfaction among health care
staff is essential. Quality of health services will be decreased provided they are not satisfied.
Materials and Methods: This study was a cross‑sectional analysis of health care staff in
Khomeinishahr (centers, buildings, and networks) If they had at least 6 months work experience,
they could enter the study. Data included a two‑part questionnaire with a standardized
questionnaire, demographic variables, and Smith job descriptive index, which is a questionnaire
with six domains. Reliability was obtained for each domain and its validity was reported 0.93.
Findings: The results showed an overall satisfaction score averages 43.55 ± 12.8 (from 100). Job
satisfaction score was not significantly different between the sexes. However, within the current
attitude toward job satisfaction, men scores was better than women (P = 0.001). Highest score
in job satisfaction was related to relationships with colleagues and lowest score was related to
the income, benefits, and job promotion.The more the years of work, the less the job satisfaction
was. The attitude toward the current job had a direct relationship with income (P = 0.01). There
was a significant inverse relationship between educational level and job satisfaction in domains
promotion, income, and benefits (P = 0.01). The staff with higher education levels was less
satisfied with income and job promotion qualification. Conclusion: Managers should focus on
job qualification to increase job satisfaction and improve the quality of work.


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