Document Type : Original Article


Department of Healthcare Services Management, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran


Background: Considering globalization of health care and quality improvement trend to
respond to competition and customer orientation, attention to organizational structure
and its relationship with market orientation is essential. Therefore, this study reviews the
relationship between organizational structure and market orientation in selected hospitals
of Isfahan (Iran). Materials and Methods: This study was a descriptive survey. The study
population comprised nurse managers from selected hospitals (n = 80). Data collection tools
were two questionnaires (market orientation questionnaire and organizational structure) that
the validity and reliability were confirmed (r = 0.83 for market orientation questionnaire and
r = 0.87 for organizational structure). SPSS (Ver. 16) software was used for the analyses.
Results: The mean score of organizational structure was 65.4 (11.2) and total mean of
market orientation was 51.14 (17.6). All aspects of the organizational structure (Organization
Centralization, Formalization in Organization, and Organization Complication) and market
orientation (responding to competition, accountability, customer satisfaction, intelligent
organization)—except by responding to clients with Formalization in Organization—as well as
all aspects of the Systemic attitude (the system of internal coordination and communication
systems_ and market orientation (responding to competition, accountability, customer
satisfaction, intelligent organization), there was a meaningful relationship (P < 0.05).
Conclusion: Market orientation and its dimensions have a significant relationship with
organizational structure and can lead managers’ view to the analysis and recognizing elements
of success and achievement to goals. With increasing competition in markets, globalization
of health services, and presence in international markets and more attention to patients’
satisfaction, hospitals need to understand and use of market orientation in order to promote
quality and services in the health care system.


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